A classic case of ‘how to mess up a beautiful road’

    Thindlu Main Road. This is the state of affairs almost always.

Thindlu Main Road in north Bangalore. This is the state of affairs almost always.

We all thought “out of sight” meant “out of mind”, right? We were dead wrong! Here’s why.

Here’s this beautiful Thindlu Main Road in north Bangalore with a humungous GKVK campus on the one side and Vidyaranyapura with well-built houses on the other. Continue reading

The saga of sanitary waste-1: Bangalore alone sends about 91 tonnes of pads to landfills every day


Most of us know where our used sanitary pads land up. But did we know how many of them reach the landfills each day?

“Sanitary Waste, The Whole Picture” is a study conducted in 2014, probably a first-of-its-kind in India, that puts a number on one of the feminine hygiene products (FHPs) used widely in India—sanitary pads. Continue reading

Bangalore must emulate D K Ravi’s Kolar waste management model

D K Ravi (Pic: Indian Express)

D K Ravi (Pic: Indian Express)

We do not yet know the truth behind the demise one of the finest IAS officers, D K Ravi. But what we do know is his stellar performance that earned him the wrath of his detractors and the love of the people he worked for.

Kolar city, where he served as deputy commissioner between August 2013 and October 2014, underwent a never-seen-before change. Although his contribution to revenue, land and water departments seems to have been well-recognised, his almost fool-proof solid waste management model he implemented for Kolar is yet to get the recognition it truly deserves, especially by the Bangalore civic authorities who have been struggling to put two-plus-two together. Continue reading

Organic gardening: Walk the green miles with Hariram Pagadala Sreenath


Organic gardener Hariram Pagadala Sreenath with enthusiastic participants at a workshop organised by ‘We Care for Malleswaram’ on last Sunday. (Pic: SH)

Not all gardeners have the ability to grow with the seeds they sow. Bengaluru-based Hariram Pagadala Sreenath is one of those rarest few. Continue reading

The 40-billion-dollar American lawn craze


Source: Pinterest

“Ten years ago, I wanted to send a satellite into space to take continuous photos of Earth. One of my political competitors said it wasn’t worth it. That it would be like watching grass grow. So I asked my staff to find out how much Americans spend on their lawns. It was 35 billion dollars. So I told him that Americans like watching the grass grow!” Continue reading

SWM: Not 1, not 2, only the power of 3 bins works

One bin won’t work

First off, let’s see what happens if we throw all the waste into one bin: kitchen waste that includes liquids like curd and sambar, stale and spoiled food; plastic, paper, rubber, fabric, cosmetic containers and tubes, sanitary napkins, diapers, needles, syringes, condoms, hair and nail clippings; e-waste like bulbs and batteries, metal waste, construction debris and all other hazardous waste laden with harmful chemicals. Continue reading

Solid waste management: Between ‘cleanliness’ and godliness lies hypocrisy

Ganesha festival and its after-effects at Sankey Tank in Bengaluru. (Pic source: The Hindu)

Ganesha festival and its after-effects at Sankey Tank in Bengaluru. (Pic source: The Hindu)

When Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was kicked off on October 2 last, one of my Facebook friends reacted to this post and said, “Let’s first learn to put all the waste into one bin and then think of segregating it.” Continue reading