Community composting method-5: Sudh-Labh means low investment & Rs 6.15 monthly outgo per home for 100 units

Sudh-Labh aerobic digesterNo major infrastructure, no fancy paraphernalia and no high-sounding claims.

For my case study, the destination was Sovereign Park, Basavanagudi. It’s a 23-year old, 40-unit apartment which does efficient segregation at source. It has outsourced secondary processing of dry waste to Sudh-Labh. They chose the same firm to compost their wet waste sometime in August. Continue reading

Mandur is shut down & Bengaluru is on the brink, are we ready to evolve yet?


A community gathering at Yelahanka New Town on November 21 to discuss waste disposal and composting solutions.

Waking up to this morning’s newspapers was a pleasant experience. Mandur has shut down 10 days before the deadline. Any person who has visited a landfill and can empathise with the people’s woes will receive this news with immense relief laced with happiness. Continue reading

Sobha Ruby Platinum gears up to walk the green path

Children's Day at Sobha Ruby Platinum located on Tumkur Road.

Children’s Day at Sobha Ruby Platinum located on Tumkur Road.

Little children questioning the human rights violations being heaped on Mandur by the people of Bengaluru, expressing solidarity towards the aggrieved lot and taking a pledge to lead a life free from landfills isn’t something we get to see during a children’s day event. But this is exactly what happened today at Sobha Ruby Platinum, a cluster of high-rises located on Tumkur Road. Continue reading

Community composting method-3: Byobins, these two make a right pair!


Paired up to perform: Two Byobins is all it takes to process wet waste from 30 houses.

Two unassuming bins sit in a corner without any posters, scary timetables or paraphernalia around them. No muttering of a shredder. No hustle and bustle of an army of workers either. A few perforated plastic crates filled with the compost taken out of these bins have earthworms going about their business without giving two hoots to what the city is getting all worked up about. Continue reading