What’s for breakfast today? Milk, butter, cheese & dioxins


Buffaloes feeding on the garbage at Mandur landfill.

In one of the most disturbing findings throwing light on the consequences of illegal dumping in open landfills, concentration of dioxins among people and animals living around the landfills has emerged to be the highest in India.

The reason: Dioxins, one of the most dangerous chemical compounds which gets released into the atmosphere when municipal and medical waste gets burnt in open landfills, finds its way into the cows and buffaloes that feed on the hazardous garbage. Continue reading

Sobha Althea-Azalea’s green campaign attracts 4 Infosys teams

infy1Sometime ago, our waste management and composting methods attracted attention from none other than Infosys. In all, a team each from Bangalore and Cochin and two teams from two Chennai campuses visited our complex this March. A researcher from the New York University also accompanied the teams. Continue reading

Drizzle at dawn, over-peppered pongal, a cup of tea and some random thoughts


Modern comforts in the midst of a rural setting… Nothing beats it.

Our search for a home in one such setting ended in Yelahanka in a complex that has plonked itself amidst three villages. There are some aged green giants like peepal, banyan and neem settled on roadsides and also small strips of vineyards and coconut plantations. Two tiny lakes on either side of the building sparkle in sunlight but lose out to the heat during summer. Continue reading