Andy Murray: Will the US Open Be His Next Eureka Moment?

Some of us can script our own life story, only a rare few of us can edit it. It is this editing in sportspersons’ lives that decides where they will eventually stand.

Federer has done it: from being a racket-smashing youngster to a man on a seemingly never-ending tennis campaign of seduction with his preternatural authority in shot-making. As for how influential he is as a human being and as an ambassador of sport, a lot of ink has already been spilled.

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3 thoughts on “Andy Murray: Will the US Open Be His Next Eureka Moment?

  1. Great to hear your opinion, but I’ll go with Djokovic and Federer this time. Djokovic is a little ahead of himself, slightly overconfident, which causes him to get a little cocky with causes him to lose the match. He’s a funny guy, but when you’ve gotta focus you’ve gotta focus. Hard.
    Federer lost to Murray in the Olympic finals, but to be honest, I think Federer lost on purpose. I mean, he’s already beaten Murray in London at Wimbledon. You would need lots of guts to win against the same opponent at the same place within a month. Don’t you agree? And Federer was also feeling really guilty for winning the Wimbledon title, he said that he let the fans’ hopes down for UK and Andy Murray. If Federer and Murray meet in the finals again, I think that there might be a small chance that Federer will lose on purpose again.

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  2. On a hard court, yes, Djokovic is a greater favorite than Murray, agreed. He has been there already, beating Nadal both at USO and Aussie Open recently.
    Somehow, I am not quite convinced when you say Federer wished away his Olympic gold medal. Murray was simply superb on that day. Fed had 9 breakpoints to turn the match around. He didn’t, simply because Murray had answers to everything that Fed threw at him. More than guts, it’s all about one’s talent which Federer has in plenty. He would have loved to have a gold medal for himself, which is the only precious honor missing from his trophy room.
    As for feeling bad for Murray’s fans, again, why should it matter to Fed? Yes, everybody felt bad looking at Murray that day. He did fight so well. But all those feelings are momentary, feeling bad for your opponent after a hard-won fight.
    Federer’s greatest concern is to protect his GS count, sail far away from Pete on total number of weeks count as World No.1. In short, he is protecting his legacy, scooping up one record after another. Nothing else matters to him. Nothing else should, because he has just a few more years left.


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