The rest is all garbage, really…


Sometime ago, I took out my composting kit and restarted the whole process. These are the thoughts that crossed my mind. Couldn’t help sharing…

Leave aside all the talk about ‘save the environment’, ‘save the city’, etc. That does not seem to interest the majority.

Let’s look at it this way: Life throws a lot of garbage at us each day. With a little effort, we can segregate all of that into three categories just as we segregate our everyday household garbage:

  1. BIN 1, Green: Useful thoughts/feelings/memories go into the green bin which need to be composted and reused for nourishing the mind and the soul and the whole being.
  2. BIN 2, Blue/Grey/White: Whatever is useless now but something that can be processed and used later can go into the second, recyclable bin. Because, of course, we can handle only a certain amount garbage in a day.
  3. BIN 3, Red: Lastly, whatever thoughts/memories that we must get rid of should go into the red bin which must be sent for incineration. Stat!

There you go! Entire life’s philosophy tucked into this Three Bin Theory.

If you are still skeptical about how SWM can offer you endless philosophical insights into life, here’s one more: Of all the garbage that life throws at you, this is the only one that you can turn into something priceless. Because there is no other algorithm that produces fragrance as an end result. Only composting does.

The rest is all garbage, really.

2 thoughts on “The rest is all garbage, really…

  1. Superb thoughts. Can i add: Contents of Bin 3 are our rejects, but whether they go to a landfill or are incinerated, contribute to land and air pollution. And so that’s why we need to work at preventing or reducing those rejects, ie, the negativity around us.


    • Of course, all types of waste generation must reduce. But still, the best way to deal with sanitary waste is incineration, at least as of now. Medical waste isn’t something that will see reduction. But we can certainly opt for menstruation cups and put an end to the sanitary pad menace. That alone will bring down more than 90 tonnes of pads going to landfills everyday. Thanks for reading the post, Swarna. ❤

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