7 reasons to never start composting

Here are those seven reasons to never start composting…

1. It’s quite easy, but we’re all constantly looking for a bigger challenge so this will clearly not get remotely close to satisfying us.

2. You can feel empowered by completing a 385M-year-old natural cycle that has in the last century transformed into being called garbage. But empowerment is for schmucks, especially when it is now clearly established that the best way to survive is on your knees.

3. You’ll probably realize that many problems can be solved at a domestic or local level, but more importantly, you’ll miss out on denouncing the grueling and broken centralised system when at parties or get-togethers with strangers.

4. You’ll transition to an environmental activist from an environmental in-activist, which means you’ll actually have to do something. So much more work! Who wants that?

5. You’ll be isolated from most of your friends for taking a stand on something. It’s only natural that pangs of loneliness will ensue – mostly when you are digging a hole in the potted soil and not watching Netflix. What a miserable life!

6. You’ll have to confront your fears of harmless worms that have no rational means to hurt you. But society has normalised living with fears over facing and embracing them. So why ‘chumma’ challenge the status quo when the weekend is almost here already?

7. You’ll have played a part in making India the “Singapore or Switzerland-type clean” country. But very few people are doing that around you. How can you start when no one else has? Duties without rights? Refuse the injustice. Instead, just make do with liking and sharing this post to light the good feeling inside – without actually doing anything.

Please don’t like this, and most definitely don’t share this post. It’s clearly a waste of time and is going to serve no purpose. After all, these things have been going on for so many years now and nothing’s really changed, has it?

By Akshay Yadav,
SWMRT volunteer.

Photos by Varsha Samuel Rajkumar 

5 thoughts on “7 reasons to never start composting

  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    Greetings from Nai Kiran!
    Nai Kiran is a voluntary organisation working in the field of waste management. We are also preparing organic compost from households waste with the help of cocopeat in Hazaribagh jharkhand. We need help in how to make compost of good quality in minimum days.
    I would be grateful to you for help as our city is one of the dirtiest city as waste are littered and no treatment of waste is done.I am taking little effort to do it and give a model to others that dont wait for municipal corporations, do it by yourself .
    With regards
    Md Toffique Ansari
    Nai Kiran


  2. An unusual but hard-hitting post for those who care. Made me chuckle, but ruefully, leaving me feeling first angry, then sad. Mindless urbanisation has made grotesque creatures out of humans.

    Keep up the writing, Savita and Akshay and all the rest of you volunteers. Doing good work, no matter how painful, frustrating, hopeless or ineffective it may seem, always sows the best seeds (literally and metaphorically), leaves one with a clear conscience and determines the colours of the sunset of our lives.

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