We think waste.
We think holistic.
We think sustainable.
We think biodegradable.
We think solutions.

We preach.
We practise.
We persist.
We persevere.
We perform.

We can be quirky.
We can be humorous.
We can be eccentric.
We can be dogged.
We can be annoying (to some).

We are innovative.
We are reflective.
We are adaptive.
We are intuitive.
We are transformative.

We are segregation neatniks.
We are composting whackos.
We are policy geeks.
We are pie chart nibblers.
We are SWMRT.

Catch up with us at this power-packed TEDx Countdown. Sign up!

Event: TedxSWMRT. Date: 22nd April. Time: 6pm. Platform: Zoom.

To register for the event, click on this link: http://bit.ly/TEDxSWMRTRegistration

2 thoughts on “WE ARE SWMRT

  1. I am a volunteer in a NGO and advise communities and individuals about waste management solutions. Your blog had an extensive list of articles about composting solutions, it was my best support and I sent the link to the people interested. But I just noticed many of the articles are gone. Where are they? It was so helpful!

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    • Dear Vishakh, glad to read this comment. Certain posts will not be available for some time. My book has been published and it contains similar information. More details about it in the latest posts. It has all the info you need and a lot more in one place. FYI. Now that the book is out, I will continue to write relevant posts as earlier aimed at helping SWM warriors like you. Thank you!


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