Kunsthaus museum, Zurich’s art destination

English: The Gates of Hell,1880-1917, Kunsthau...

The Gates of Hell,1880-1917, Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland

DECEMBER’s freezing temperatures do not seem to alter the plans of hordes of people and schoolchildren lining up before well-maintained museums in Zurich. One can’t help wondering that for the people of Zurich, building museums must be as routine an activity as round-the-clock road-digging is for Bangaloreans!

A Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Art Council, sponsored trip that began and ended with Swiss precision (never mind the jetlag-sponsored migraine attacks!) revealed how truly global the city of Zurich is. But first, a plunge into the supersoft bed at Hotel Sofitel, just to have everything fall in place. Continue reading

Munster, the beauty behind the bare winter trees

Munster Cathedral, Basel, Switzerland.

Stroll down Café Kafka (refer to my earlier post on Basel) and you will see Munster Cathedral spittled with the shadows of bare winter trees keeping the medieval spirit intact. With a mixture of Roman and Gothic architecture, this 12th century cathedral was rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1356. Forever under restoration, Continue reading

Hampi, that little world of wonders!

“Architecture is the only functional art,” said an erudite friend of mine recently. “And if you want to live it to the fullest, visit Hampi,” I quipped.

I grew up in a village close to Hampi and have made countless trips to this architectural spectacle. Life changed, and I moved away from my village. Continue reading