About SWM consultancy

Endlessly Green SWM Consultancy

It is an end-to-end waste management consultancy that brings in 7 years of experience of helping scores of communities in and beyond Bengaluru set up their own self-sustaining waste management system.

Launched in August 2018, the firm aims at offering expertise to bulk generators like apartments, residential layouts, corporates, government offices and institutes, NGOs, schools, canteens, hotels and choultries an end-to-end SWM aimed at a robust, cost-effective, process-centric and self-sustaining system.

e82fa440-7f6f-4265-bec8-24969e139135To achieve this, the consultancy offers the following services:

  • Bring the client face-to-face with the three-way source segregation process as prescribed by the law through simple techniques to achieve 100% compliance
  • Help the client choose and install a suitable and cost-effective composting system for kitchen waste keeping space and budget constraints in mind.
  • If the garden clippings/rejects are high, then help the client set up a composting system to deal with leaf litter/garden clippings.
  • Train the staff in composting at the client’s location and arm them with troubleshooting tips.
  • Guide the client till the first batch of compost is brought out.
  • Help the client with responsible dry waste recycling.
  • Offer assistance in initiating sustainable menstruation and responsible sanitary waste disposal.
  • Finally, help the client grow an organic garden or transform the one from chemical to a pesticide-free garden using the compost enriched through simple, scientific procedures.

Vision: To Mainstream Sustainability.

Mission: To help bulk generators set up self-sustaining solid waste management system using cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions.

The beauty of being a self-sustaining entity…

  • The pride of becoming a community that manages its own waste in the most responsible and sustainable manner.
  • No dependence on contractors.
  • No hazardous waste piling up within the premises during strikes or shutdowns.
  • No more contribution to air, water and soil pollution through irresponsible dumping of mixed waste.

If interested, please write to: endlesslygreen360@gmail.com. For more details, please download Endlessly Green – Brochure.