Make double-shelled EVA your home composting bestie

A new concept. A new design. Excellent execution and finish. The result is a classy EVA-V2. Hand-moulded, hand-finished and hand-delivered.

First off, let’s discuss its most distinct feature: the double containers. We thought the double-shelled EVA would avoid the sight of leachate leak along with other niggles like excess moisture retention at the bottom, excess maggot proliferation, insufficient aeration and of course, bad odour. Altogether, these nettling experiences can force wannabe composters to give up.

Interestingly, this feature served multiple purposes and the most surprising of them all was fantastic heat retention. During the trial run at my home conducted by placing EVA in a well-aerated spot, barring a few drops here and there on the surface of the inner shell, most of the moisture evaporated due to excellent heat generation propelled by our new Excelerator, a 12-strain powerful microbial culture. Together, they worked a treat.

The shells & the lid
The outer shell is of 56-litre capacity and is attached with a tap in the front to take out the compost tea. The lower part acts as a compost tea collection tank. The inner shell is of 45-litre capacity (approximately 25+ kg) and sits nicely on the rim of the outer shell without allowing any scraps fall into the gap between the two shells accidentally. It has vents on its bottom to let the compost tea drip down into the tank. While both shells have been given white matte finish, the lid is grey-shaded and has a holder at the top to help you hold it comfortably. It also has aeration vents to let the upper part of the composter breathe.

The stand
The design of the stand is so simple and elegant that it not only serves its practical purpose but also enhances the look of the overall infrastructure. It allows you to extract the compost tea with ease. You can tilt it a little to take out the residual droplets.
The stand comes powder-coated which lasts longer than epoxy-painted articles and is “more resistant to chipping, scratching, and other wear because of the thermal bonding it undergoes during curing”. More details on the difference here.

Heat retention
I have worked with various home and community composters. Yet, I did not foresee how well a double-shelled composter would perform when it comes to heat insulation. I started my first trial on August 30 using EVA and Excelerator.

To get it going fast, I filled the entire container in one go with the right amount of cocopeat and dry leaves. In about 17 hours, I saw the pile plunge by about 3 inches! When I opened the lid, the heat hit my face and the pile was sweating profusely. In about 5-6 days, it was down by 6 inches. In 23 days, the pile got reduced to almost half its original size and a whiff of petrichor began to waft out of EVA. The temperature crossed 51 deg. C on the 4th day and remained so for another 4-5 days. It hovered over 47-50 deg.C on other days. I did fluff up the pile with a rake to check the progress and it is quite possible that might have accelerated the process due to enhanced aeration. The gist of the story is this: This double-sheller diva rocks!


Spread a two-inch-thick layer of dry leaves followed by a one-inch-thick layer of Endlessly Green cocopeat at the bottom. Add a two-inch-thick layer of kitchen waste rejects on top of it. Now add another layer of cocopeat. Add a few handfuls of crushed dry leaves, if you have. Repeat the process until Eva is almost full. Always cover the top layer with cocopeat or dry leaves to prevent fruit flies from accessing the food waste. Refer to the TIPS box for more info.

A few days after you start the batch, drain out the compost tea through the tap. In general, the quantity of the tea is directly proportional to the nature of the input. But EVA heats up quite well with a very high evaporation rate. Hence, you may get lesser compost tea compared to other composters. Drain it, dilute it at 1:20 (compost tea:water) ratio and use it for gardening. If you have used Excelerator, then do not waste the tea as it is loaded with soil-friendly microbes. It increases the soil fertility and acts as a growth promoter.

Composting is basically a drying process. Hence you will witness the pile inside Eva going down even as cocopeat resists compaction and continues to allow aeration all over the pile.

I harvested the compost bang on the 29th day with the earthy aroma emanating out of EVA. This means one thing: most of the bacteria and fungi have gone, and actinomycetes—a half-fungi and half-bacteria—has arrived to break down the food waste further. This also means something more: the announcement of the grand finale!

Harvest this compost, sieve it if you can, and put the fine compost in an aerated container or a bag to cure. Toss the semi-processed large clumps into the next batch.


Eva capacity:

  • Outer shell: 56 litres.
  • Inner shell: 45 litres / 25+ kg. If you chop the rejects finely, it can take in more.

Dimensions: Height is 30 inches with the stand and 26 inches without. 14 inches wide.


EVA: Rs 5,700 + 12% GST + Transport as per actual.

THE STAND: Rs 470 + 12% GST + Transport as per actual.


Mobile: +91 9686862946, +91 9900717946.

Telengana region:
Mr Vijay Kanda,
M: 93934 67950.

To place your order, please message +91 9686862946 until online sales start on our website.

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