EXCELERATOR: 12-strain, 10 billion cells/gm accelerator composts all types of waste in double quick time, enriches soil

Ten billion cells per gram, loaded with saprophytic bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes which can break down complex organic compounds, teeming with thermophiles that can spike up the temperature in your composter to 60-75 deg.C, and topped off with essential enzymes. This is a 12-strain microbial culture—geared to quicken the composting turnaround cycle and enrich the soil. It works a treat on tough-to-break-down meat, oils, spices, dairy leftovers, cellulose and lignin contents in your kitchen and garden rejects.

This is but just a sneak peek into the EXCELERATOR’s composition.

Here’s more….

This powerful microbial culture has been developed using multi-nutritional carriers like wheat bran, calcium powder, sterilized tobacco powder, molasses and several other with a very high microbial count.

Here comes the best part. All the compost cultures / inoculants / accelerators I have used or experimented with so far were meant for speeding up the composting process only. No attention was paid to enriching the soil—the final destination of the output called compost.

A trial run

I do not release any product unless I test them myself. That is true with home and community composters and all other consumables like cocopeat, microbial culture, various types of enriched compost and other gardening essentials. EXCELERATOR was obviously one of them.

I ran a trial using both my new EVA home composter and EXCELERATOR recently and the effect was too good to believe. I filled up EVA in one go with waste from our apartment’s community composting unit and mixed it with our low-EC cocopeat, a few handfuls of dry leaves and EXCELERATOR at a little less than ¼ spoon per kg.

In about 17 hours, the pile plunged by 3 inches! When I opened the lid, the heat hit my face and the pile was sweating profusely. In about 5-6 days, it was down by 6 inches. In 23 days, the pile got reduced to almost half its original size and a whiff of petrichor began to waft out of EVA. The temperature crossed 51 deg. C on the 4th day and remained so for another 4-5 days. It hovered over 47-50 deg.C on the following days. Each time I dug my hand in, it was hotter in the core. The fringes were a bit cooler in comparison but hot enough to reveal the fact that the microbes were on the uptick. I did rake up the pile to check the progress and it is quite possible that might have accelerated the process due to deliberate aeration.

The combined effect of EVA and EXCELERATOR was quite evident as the newly released double-shelled home composter retains heats quite efficiently. On the 16th day itself, it looked almost done but the core was still warm to touch indicating that breakdown was still on. On the 23rd day, it was barely warm in the core and I could feel a little extra moisture in the bottom portion. I let it stay for a few more days and decided to harvest it on the 30th day.

Thermal killing                                                                                                        

Thanks to the thermophiles, or heat-loving bacteria which thrive in high temperatures, don’t be surprised if your composter gets hot within a day or two. Thermal killing means pathogens and weed seeds are dealt with as the temperature is sustained throughout the composting cycle. It also means a shorter turnaround cycle for each batch lasting between 21-30 days.

Composting in double quick time!

If you can churn out batch after batch of compost in less than a month, that means you have shortened your composting cycle considerably. It also means lesser space requirement, too at both home and community level.

Reduced leachate loss

The high temperature dialed up by EXCELERATOR helps a great deal of moisture evaporate. The plus point here is reduced leachate or compost tea loss means more nutritious compost. And less hassles, of course.

Make sure yours is a well-aerated composter which has enough vents to let the steam out. Or else, all the moisture will drip down back into the composter, cool the pile down and accumulate at the bottom.

A soil enricher

EXCELERATOR is spiked with a generous amount of natural NPK carriers and that’s what makes it special. To add to that, it is loaded with phosphate solubilisers, nitrogen fixers and potassium mobilisers as well.

What does this mean? Although the organic matter, or compost, carries nutrition in general, the plants often fail to absorb it because they do not have microbes that act as courier agents in sufficient numbers to take the nutrition to the root zone. Since these soil-friendly microbes have been incorporated into the composition, EXCELERATOR becomes a soil enricher, too.

Acts as a plant growth promoter

For all the reasons stated above, EXCELERATOR is an excellent plant growth promoter. When you extract the compost tea, make sure you dilute it heavily—one part compost tea to 30-35 parts of water (1:30 ratio)—and feed it to your plants once a week or fortnight. All the soil-friendly bacteria will enrich your pot mix with heavy microbial flora which will then help the roots absorb all the micro- and macro-nutrients present in your soil and compost.

To be precise, your pot mix or the soil will be eventually enriched by 4 billion per gram soil-friendly micro-organisms. A super-rich microbial flora coupled with a very high humus content is what your plants need to remain healthy with a high yield.

Non-toxic and non-pathogenic

Absolutely safe to touch for both human and animals.

Dosage and other instructions: 1/4 tsp per 1 kg of waste.
Store it in an airtight container, preferably in a dark spot. It should not get moist.


EXCELERATOR, 1 KG: Rs 360, inclusive of GST and transport cost. Shipping available all over India. To place your order, please send a WhatsApp message to +91 9686862946 until online sale start through our website.

Packaged and marketed by ENDLESSLY GREEN, in collaboration with Green Caare Inputs and Services, Bangalore.

Website: www.endlesslygreen.in;
Email: info@endlesslygreen.in;
Mobile: 9686862946, 9900717946.

Mr Vijay Kanda,
M: 93934 67950.

4 thoughts on “EXCELERATOR: 12-strain, 10 billion cells/gm accelerator composts all types of waste in double quick time, enriches soil

  1. Madam .
    Please don’t join the bandwagon of promoting fast composting like others.
    There is no fast composting
    It’s a system and a process which needs to be adopted by common families into their daily lives.


    • Dear Firdosh, do read all the blogposts in my blog and then let me know if you still think I am out to promote something impossible by joining “the bandwagon”. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush, please?


  2. Dear concern
    Greetings from Bangladesh. Very much thankful for your endless efforts to teach us precious thing on mother earth. I left my banking job dreaming to transform my 35 acres of suitable land into a food forest. At present I felt without practical knowledge this is very hard to do things properly. That’s the reason I would like to invite an experience mentor who collaborate with me for establishing a farm. Or consider me for giving an opportunity to learn practically.
    Best wishes


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