Into my 5th year of blogging & indebted to your support

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Blogging doesn’t come easily to print media journalists. At least that’s what has been my observation over the years. In my case, it all stemmed from the need to create my own space to write whatever I thought was relevant. “If it is indeed relevant, it will be read,” I told myself when I registered with WordPress. Continue reading

Community composting method-3: Byobins, these two make a right pair!


Paired up to perform: Two Byobins is all it takes to process wet waste from 30 houses.

Two unassuming bins sit in a corner without any posters, scary timetables or paraphernalia around them. No muttering of a shredder. No hustle and bustle of an army of workers either. A few perforated plastic crates filled with the compost taken out of these bins have earthworms going about their business without giving two hoots to what the city is getting all worked up about. Continue reading

Mandur & Mavallipura won’t let garbage trucks in after Nov 30, ready for protests

M Ramesh of Ramagondanahalli and Srinivas of Mavallipura tell they will not let a single garbage-laden truck enter the landfill.

DSS activists M Ramesh of Ramagondanahalli (in grey T-shirt) and Srinivas of Mavallipura (first from right) tell they will not let a single garbage-laden truck enter the landfill.

Hope floats in Mandur

“Yes, we are hopeful that the Chief Minister will stick to his word and we will see the end of it on November 30.”

If “Hope is a waking dream”, we saw it come alive in all its vibrant hues when V Srinivas and Mukund Rao of Mandur spoke at length on how earnestly they are hoping for an end to the agony that’s simply beyond human endurance. Continue reading

Let there be Deepavali here & may it never end…


If Deepavali is all about dispelling the darkness, it must first arrive in the corridors of power, enter the corrupt vaults of bureaucracy and annihilate the callousness towards those living on the fringes in Mandur and Mavallipura. Let this light filter out into the streets, roll between the huts and the high-rises, and settle over the sidewalks. Continue reading

This is how black it gets at Mavallipura

This is how polluted the water is in one of the spots near the Mavallipura landfill. As written in a previous article, the streams starts with yellowish water and a few minutes later, black water begins to flow out. When you stick your nose to it, you will find that the stink remains the same irrespective of its colour. The Zilla Panchayat has put up a notice and shut down this borewell.

But the crisis does not end here! Continue reading

Condemned to highly polluted black water stream, villagers in & around Mavallipura landfill cry mercy

Water bottles containing samples from the polluted borewell.

Water bottles containing samples from the polluted borewell at Subedar Pallya near Mavallipura landfill.

The sound of raindrops is perhaps the most bewitching interplay of natural elements on this planet. It is the sound of reassurance that life is going on normally. A note of reaffirmation that billions of life forms will thrive, seeds will sprout, buds will bloom, little birds will grow wings and leave their nests, kids will giggle and play with muddy water, so on and so forth. It also tells us that there have been millions of rains before we came and there will be millions more after we go—reminding us of the infinitely minute role we play in this universe. To put it simply, it’s one of the most important links in the chain of life that has no beginning or end. Continue reading