Into my 5th year of blogging & indebted to your support

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Blogging doesn’t come easily to print media journalists. At least that’s what has been my observation over the years. In my case, it all stemmed from the need to create my own space to write whatever I thought was relevant. “If it is indeed relevant, it will be read,” I told myself when I registered with WordPress.

Initially, it was “Reverberations”; but as I began pouring all my energies into researching and writing on environmental issues, the title “Endlessly Green” sounded perfect. I stayed with it. Or rather, it stayed with me. It resonated quite well with the readers, too.

‘Endlessly Green’ is now a vessel that holds my thoughts, opinions, dreams and what not! It is the primary channel through which I connect myself with the world around me.

I must admit that I had my own doubts about producing content consistently that is worthy of readers’ time and attention and feared that the pressure would wear me down some day. I persisted and focused on research, did legwork and started meeting people whose life experiences not only enriched the content but also helped my writing find a direction. It did.

Right from the beginning, I decided not to yield myself to the general advice given to bloggers worldwide: Write a post every day or every week, keep it consistent, etc. That would have meant according a higher importance to quantity than quality of content. I continued to write only when I had something to say. Interestingly, on an average, I see that I have written a post a week and most of them have been well received.

Here’s a short list of posts, categories that bring you to me unfailingly:

Tennis (Roger Federer, to be precise)

fed2Although the blog title and tennis have nothing to do with each other, it was in fact tennis, my favourite sport, which brought spontaneity to my blogging spirit. As a syndicated writer for Bleacher Report, I started writing on tennis and realised that I could produce content with ease if I felt strongly about something. It was a short run at Bleacher though. I had to halt it as I could not keep pace with the time difference and odd match schedules. Nevertheless, I was thrilled with the appreciation I got from some seasoned tennis writers worldwide. As an amateur sports writer, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Saalumarada Thimmakka
, the most-searched personality

thimThe header image you see on the blog is not from an ordinary road. This treeline has been an unrelenting work of art of this woman. Google searches direct a lot of readers to this post. She has been the most-searched—and consequently, the most-read personality—featured on ‘Endlessly Green’.
And, rightly so.

My favourite book review

sid3Cancer is not supposed to throw up a riveting plot for a massive book. But it does when Siddhartha Mukherjee works his magic on it and calls it ‘The Emperor of All Maladies’. I loved writing about it as much as I did reading it.

What a masterpiece this book is!


The most-read category

‘Endlessly Green’ is one of the categories comprising all my writings on green initiatives, my own experiments and failures. Here you will get to read about solid waste management, composting, organic gardening, among other green matters. This has been a popular destination for many who want to start their own initiatives.


The most popular category

It is, perhaps will continue to be, “Community Composting” methods. These posts have taken me to various places in Bangalore, interesting eco-entrepreneurs, composting veterans, green champions and above all, some wonderful human beings. In turn, this category brings readers from all over India and abroad to my blog. It is now the only open source of information on all the available community composting methods innovated and designed in India. A couple more are lined up. Stay tuned.

Thank YOU!

Popular, most-read, most-searched or not, each post has been a step towards this beautiful green milestone. It’s indeed been an honour to have you walk along with me all this while. I hope it will continue to be so in the years to come. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Wish you all a healthy, happy and wonderful New Year!


2 thoughts on “Into my 5th year of blogging & indebted to your support

  1. It was good to connect with you. I have read recent posts. I will go through the earlier ones. Nice to know you are from the journalism community. I got a degree in journalism some 38 years ago ! I couldn’t follow the career but did the next best thing…found my husband in journalism class! Would love to meet you when I visit my son in Bangalore.

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