About me

Dear Reader,

You have reached this page and perhaps it’s time to know a little about me.

I am a Bangalore-based independent journalist with stints in Deccan Herald, The Times of India, The New Indian Express and Acharya Institute of Journalism (HoD) spread over 12 years. I am a core and proud member of the Solid Waste Management Round Table, Bengaluru.

When a chance arose in early 2012, I worked hard and succeeded in setting up a highly advanced and end-to-end zero-waste SWM system for my community Sobha Althea-Azalea, Yelahanka, along with a bunch of enthusiastic green volunteers. It was picked by The Times of India in August 2015 as the best model to be emulated across Karnataka. The experience—embedded with failures and sweet successes—altered the course of my life by changing the way I looked at urban waste and the trail of woes it left behind in terms of air, water and soil pollution.

savita hiremathMy love for local solutions led me to conducting several DIYs in composting thereby reinforcing my firm belief that it takes local and cost-effective solutions to deal with a monumental issue like garbage.

I began pouring my energies into researching and documenting all the available composting systems/methods here in Endlessly Green to help green champions like myself transform their communities by picking the right composting method and other best practices. Through my blog, Facebook and WhatsApp, I am in touch with hundreds of green champions from across India and help them pick the right composting method for their community.

My blog bagged the “Social Media for Empowerment Award-2018” conferred by Digital Empowerment Foundation, New Delhi.

My company ENDLESSLY GREEN is all set to roll out well-crafted and sturdy composters for both home and community composting purposes along with various consumables. This is an exciting journey for me paved with many unknowns. As always, I hope to tread on with support and feedback from my green fraternity.

Thank you.

– Savita Hiremath

email: endlesslygreen360@gmail.com

29 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for all the support and waste management .I would like to initiate similar in our suburban area.
    Do you have a micro level setup to begin with?

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  2. Dear Savita, I am living in an ashram in Kerala, working there in waste management. We have a waste management system and are close to zero waste. We try to raise awareness and encourage people to set up community waste management system wherever they live. Your blog is very precious and can help them to achieve this. I will recommend it. Thank you and please continue. Thanks to people like you, this world is becoming better.

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  3. Great blog and I love what you’re doing. Very impressive. Would be great if you could make some videos of the great work you’re doing and post them on YouTube. But I know that can be a lot of work. We also have a little web site that talks about home composting – ezcompost.info. Thanks for your great work! Om Shanti, -Advait in Kerala

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  4. Hello mam,
    I have a plan which is very similar to what you are doing but am finding it difficult to execute.I request you to help and mentor me in executing this.


  5. Hi Savita,
    You have a great blog. I am interested to know about the types of shredders available in bangalore. I live in a villament setup and we would like to buy a shredder for a better and faster composting.


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    • Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. I am pasting this response which I wrote for another comment.

      We use an old one which was manufactured by a local engineer. I think you skip that and consider options from MK Associates. They have a range of shredders. Also, check out my review on Tallboy from Riteways. They have got a good shredder, too. Beyond this, I have no idea about any other shredder that selling in the market. Thanks. Hope it helps.


  6. Dear Savita,
    Thanks for a nice discussion and creating an awareness in people. I am working on odour assessment and management technology in India. Would be glad to hear anythings on odour issues.

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  7. Dear Madam,

    We are Pune based manufacturing company only supplying composting machines since 2011…

    We supply batch and drum composters..and have supplied about 200 nos so far which use 18 day process for composting.

    AT tata nagpur we were one of the bidders but we could not get the order becos they wanted some thing economical and which occupies less space….We had warned the TATA Reality about the consequences…

    Also housing soieities have to take builders headon…Under the RERA at builder has to maintain all the facilities in clusing STP,OWC etc for 5 eyars…so you can take the builder at task and make them do the correct thing.

    Unfortunately, Bangalore we have very less installations since people in bangalore also buy rampantly THESE HEATING MACHINES…FROM LOCAL VENDORS…




    Mahesh Shastri

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  8. Grt Going Savvy Savita!
    Once Bellundur lake had Catalina flying boats landing there.See Bet WW II & post the war.
    Now imagine::LDA,Thumpi aviation,corporates around there all pull in bring the ac back service to airport etc.The lake gets cleaned up and jobs abound, pollution gone!


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