What is 2Bin1Bag & what its colour-coded concept tells us

Actor, model and marathoner, Milind Soman is all for segregation at source. He offered support to spread awareness on the concept through SBI Pinkathon and social media.

Actor, model and marathoner, Milind Soman is all for segregation at source. He offered support to spread awareness on the concept through SBI Pinkathon and social media.

A humble kit with a holistic approach. That’s what this 2Bin1Bag concept is for you.

The effect of this simple and practical concept is already being felt in nearly one lakh homes in Bangalore. With the Karnataka High Court mandating three-tier segregation by weaving this into its landmark verdict on December 17, it’s time for you to understand it more deeply.

Please note that this campaign—conceived, executed and spearheaded by the 2Bin1Bag team with ample support by Solid Waste Management Round Table—has already reached out to a sizeable population in the city through social media, celebrity endorsements, media reports and awareness events. The website—www.2bin1bag.in—is complete with manuals and guidelines.

The concept & the colour-coding

It has let colours, the universal language, do the communication.

  1. The green bin

GREEN stands for compostable/wet/kitchen waste.

index2b1bColour psychology tells us that green in general means the colour of life, renewal, nature and energy. It is also associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility and environment. Further, it also means rebirth. What goes into the green bin can be composted and used to enhance soil fertility. So green means only that which lived once and that which can give or enhance life.

Please note: People often mistake that only if the waste is wet to touch, it is compostable. Not dry leaves, nor even biscuits which are dry to touch. This is a misunderstanding. Please remember to put all the waste that was your food a while ago and all the waste that lived once.

  1. The red bin

RED stands for hazardous rejects like sanitary and bio-medical waste.

Among the many meanings attributed to colour red, danger is what suits the most in this context. The kind of waste that goes into this bin is contaminated and dangerous if handled irresponsibly.

Please note: It should not be touched by anyone with bare hands nor is it meant to be reused. It can only be sent for incineration. Please make the sure you keep this bin covered with the lid always.

  1. The white bag

WHITE stands for all recyclable waste like paper, plastic, metal, e-waste, etc.

Worldwide, blue is the colour used for denoting recycling. However, since this concept has a multi-use, multi-purpose bag which is generally sold in white colour embedded in the kit, white here denotes “safe” for recycling. In other words, nothing hazardous about this particular stream of waste but is eminently recyclable.

Please note: You have to make sure this waste does not get wet or soiled. When it does, it loses its recyclable value and renders your efforts inconsequential. A lot of waste that goes to the landfill can actually be recycled. But because it gets mixed with all kinds of waste, it becomes useless.


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