‘Endlessly Green’ the book is a story, an SWM playbook. Not a rehash of my blog

‘If you write what you yourself sincerely think and feel and are interested in, the chances are very high that you will interest other people as well.’ – Rachel Carson.

Several months rolled by in sweet anticipation of seeing my first book in its physical form. It’s finally here!

It took me more than a decade of work and five-plus years of intermittent writing. The book assumed a definitive shape only when I decided to stay away from social media (including blogging) and focus on further research and writing, which, interestingly, happened about six months before the first Covid19 lockdown in 2020.

The result is my first book, published jointly by Yoda Press, New Delhi, and Simon & Schuster, India. It is now out! Mind-numbing!

First, let me tell you that the book is anything but a rehash of my blog. It’s a story. An SWM playbook. There’s a lot of difference between writing a series of short blogposts and a book. No wonder it called for reading several books from various authors and experts, interviewing experts and scientists, and interpreting them in the context we live in, while blending my own practical experiences of being an SWM practitioner. Consequently, the book contains chapters never discussed on my blog. I am saying this because the book’s title made some of my blog readers assume the obvious.

Second, I was not keen on writing an instruction manual but was focused on letting a story unfold right from the word go even as I went ahead and dug into my considerable experiential learnings and bushels of raw inputs gathered through a decade of research, legwork and persistent execution. The book directly speaks to YOU, dear volunteer, who is waging a war somewhere in a community or a ward of a city or a town to mainstream sustainability.

Endlessly Green: Solid Waste Management for Everyone looks at the history, the science and the art of composting and sustainable waste management through a kaleidoscope of philosophical, moral and ethical intricacies. This field guide equips community volunteers, activists, students, SWM practitioners and professionals with practical inputs on segregation, composting and organic gardening/farming, making sustainability imaginable in a concrete jungle. In doing so, it helps individuals discover the possibilities of bringing about a change in their environment by engaging their own environmental sensibilities.

It is an extraordinary celebration of things small and significant and the fight against waste, culminating in a replicable and scalable end-to-end solution.

Finally, I must add I truly enjoyed piecing together facts on the science of composting, and the history of SWM and composting through millennia.

Several wonderful individuals who have helped me directly and indirectly to make this happen have been duly acknowledged. Grateful to all of them.

To order, please click HERE.

Thank you!

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