Earth Day: who needs whom?

So many Earth Day messages and almost all advising others to “save Mother Earth”!

It’s really hard not to intrinsically bristle at this thought. Mother Earth knows how to save herself. How to survive somehow. She has done it for more than four billion years now.

If anything, we have to save ourselves FROM ourselves. From our reckless ways of living.

Despite all our ‘progress’, we have failed to treat this pale blue dot like a self-sustaining spaceship, get aboard and enjoy the voyage as it lay adrift in the incredibly vast cosmic arena. But that’s not happening. Quite the contrary, we have been treating ourselves like some privileged guests invited to a never-ending party of willful pillage and plunder.

Most often, I think about why destruction comes easy to us and not sensible change. Perhaps it’s because not all of us engage our intrinsic values to find our way out through our everyday human activities. Simply put, we do not make it our overwhelming priority, something that undercuts all other mundane concerns. Our elementary accord with Earth often starts and ends with some superficial changes we make for ourselves and our families. That’s how our failure to truly comprehend the fundamental tenets of existence continues to dominate our ever-shrinking philosophical bandwidth. We do not make full use of the power of our conscience to make sustainable choices. And by failing to do so, we remain divorced to one basic fact of life: superficial changes can never bring about a serious and lasting change.

So let’s stop ranting about ‘saving the Earth’… Let’s save ourselves. If we don’t go on the mend right here and right now, one fine day, she will simply eliminate us if she so wills it. It will takes seconds. That’s how one of the most powerful and gigantic species disappeared from the face of Planet Earth and all we get to see is its splintered and fossilised remnants buried carelessly here and there.

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