EVA from Endlessly Green: your home composting companion

When we replace our kitchen waste bin with a composter, we demolish all the unethical and wrongly institutionalised waste ‘management’ practices perfected over 1000s of years all over the world—in one go! Change can be so powerful and liberating! This change can be realised at home where self-renewal of what we call ‘waste’ goes on ceaselessly provided we create the right atmosphere and the apparatus for it. 

A neat, tidy and compact composter is what you need to bring about one such beautiful change in your routine. A pair of Eva can help you do just that. 

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My own home composting experiment: It’s harvesting time!


There is loads of joy in un-complicating every day issues. Unfortunately, we are good at diverting all our finest human qualities and energies in the opposite direction. One such issue at hand in Bengaluru is composting precious wet waste. I wanted to find my own answers and after almost 2.5 years, my experiments have helped me achieve at least this much of simplicity. I hope it gets better.

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Anaerobic home composting: Vani Murthy suggests closed bin method for working people


In a previous post on home composting methods, you read about a few aerobic methods being practised by composting expert Vani Murthy. In this post, let us learn an anaerobic method which helps you transform your kitchen waste into rich organic manure. Continue reading

Aerobic home composting: Exploring Vani Murthy’s favourite methods

Anything to do with composting case studies is incomplete until we hear from a certain someone. ‘Endlessly Green’ is happy to team up with this particular composting expert and thanks her and her ‘We Care for Malleswaram’ team-mate Shyamala Suresh for bringing you HOME COMPOSTING METHODS.
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