Condemned to highly polluted black water stream, villagers in & around Mavallipura landfill cry mercy

Water bottles containing samples from the polluted borewell.

Water bottles containing samples from the polluted borewell at Subedar Pallya near Mavallipura landfill.

The sound of raindrops is perhaps the most bewitching interplay of natural elements on this planet. It is the sound of reassurance that life is going on normally. A note of reaffirmation that billions of life forms will thrive, seeds will sprout, buds will bloom, little birds will grow wings and leave their nests, kids will giggle and play with muddy water, so on and so forth. It also tells us that there have been millions of rains before we came and there will be millions more after we go—reminding us of the infinitely minute role we play in this universe. To put it simply, it’s one of the most important links in the chain of life that has no beginning or end. Continue reading

Packaging pollution: Taco Bell, can you reduce the burden on Mandur?


Food overloaded with fat can be a put-off especially when all you want is a bowl of salad and a bigger bowl of soup on a rainy afternoon. With those very few relatively healthier eating options shutting shops one after another in Mantri Mall, I had no other go but to drag my friend to Taco Bell for a fill yesterday. Continue reading