Bulk generators need not fret over BBMP notice; WM & composting is no rocket science

typesIn today’s newspapers, representatives from several apartments in Bangalore, which have been classified as ‘bulk generators’ (BGs), have severely criticised the BBMP’s latest move to slap them with a fine of Rs 25,000-Rs 50,000 if they fail to manage their own waste and compost wet waste. Continue reading

Bangalore’s garbage explosion: Segregation at source is the only solution

Recycle-get this...

Everything is garbage until it is segregated. However, despite a never-before crisis staring it in its face, the government doesn’t seem to have realised that there can be answers to what seem to be gigantic problems. As for the one that has pushed Bangalore and of course, surrounding villages like Mandur and Mavallipura over the edge, the answer is simple: The problem has to end where it begins. Continue reading