EARTHA: sturdy, durable, flies-free, odour-free, rust-free & hassle-free!

No designer or innovator should love one’s own creation to the extent that she or he becomes blind to its drawbacks. Hardly ever do we get to see a product that is complete in its first avatar itself. All products do need finetuning, don’t they? But that is possible only if the creator heeds customers’ feedback and gets back to the designing table. Eartha has emerged from that table, made multiple trips to the factory, moved through the seasons, and is now ready to weather the whims of all sorts of weather.

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Bulk generators need not fret over BBMP notice; WM & composting is no rocket science

typesIn today’s newspapers, representatives from several apartments in Bangalore, which have been classified as ‘bulk generators’ (BGs), have severely criticised the BBMP’s latest move to slap them with a fine of Rs 25,000-Rs 50,000 if they fail to manage their own waste and compost wet waste. Continue reading

Community composting method-1: Platform composting, the simplest & the best

8Quite a few community composting methods have evolved over the last few years, but I thought of kicking off this series with my personal favourite: Platform composting. That’s because it’s the easiest, the simplest, the most cost-effective and a hassle-free aerobic solution to compost both your kitchen and garden waste. Continue reading