Nuclear energy: When the means are as alarming as the end itself

日本語: English: Fukushima I nuclear power plant ...

Fukushima I nuclear power plant before the 2011 explosion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dark days are ahead. A bright nuke future envisaged by the learned and the powerful, notwithstanding.

Looks like our policy-makers think those living in places like Koondankulam in Tamil Nadu, Jaitapur in Maharashtra do not know or, much less, understand what’s happening around the world. Continue reading

Female foeticide in India-I: Murder in the womb

Beautiful baby girl

Image by adam.declercq via Flickr

Think hard. Search every corner of your mind for words that can match this act called female foeticide. Chances are that you may not find one. Female foeticide in India is one such dark realm that words can’t enter.

Words fail because there is no way to explain how the nation continues to be in a self-congratulatory mood when 7,000 female foetuses are eliminated each day (Unicef—State of the World’s Children 2007). Worse still, there is no way to fathom how mothers are turned into killers here, and how suddenly motherly instinct seems like a multi-dimensional deception.

There were a few incidents that took place in mid-2007 that I have never been able to forget. Continue reading