When doctors themselves become medical tragedies…

English: MedicineMedicine is perhaps the only sphere where we forget our social conditioning about shame. This is where secrets vanish. Morality dies. Theists find new gods, atheists turn agnostic and agnostics turn theists.

Some of these are possibilities, if not certainties.

Beneath all such life-changing events lies pain, something nobody can define convincingly. If you look up dictionaries for the meaning of ‘pain’, you will know what I mean.

We go to doctors with this indefinable pain, looking for a definite solution, succour and what not. But a lot of anomalies can happen in between because very few doctors admit their fallibility and thus, refuse to grow beyond generalisations to offer anything called diagnosis. Continue reading

Should our kids do 4 yrs of schooling before they turn 6?

“There are no leaves in this tree. It still looks so beautiful, no?”
It’s difficult to imagine a three-and-a-half-year-old girl capturing the beauty of a bare winter tree in so many words and appreciating it while stressing the word “still”. This tree, spreading itself against the setting sun, was just enough for my little girl to be closer to nature for a moment and be one with it with all her being. Continue reading