A classic case of ‘how to mess up a beautiful road’

    Thindlu Main Road. This is the state of affairs almost always.

Thindlu Main Road in north Bangalore. This is the state of affairs almost always.

We all thought “out of sight” meant “out of mind”, right? We were dead wrong! Here’s why.

Here’s this beautiful Thindlu Main Road in north Bangalore with a humungous GKVK campus on the one side and Vidyaranyapura with well-built houses on the other. Continue reading

The tale of two Bangalore lakes

I can spot two water bodies from my living balcony. The first picture shows a lake on the right side. Although it is named after a village, I hardly see people visiting it. There are no benches, no stone bund, nothing else to attract visitors.

The second picture shows a puddle on the left. I have been tracking its evolution for almost six months now. It swells up a little during rains and sparkles beautifully in sunlight. Although there is human habitation a little away from it, this puddle is blissfully tucked away in a safe spot in North Bangalore with only a few buffaloes meandering around the edges.

A quick thought on World Habitat Day with “Cities and Climate Change” being the theme of the year: is it the best way to preserve lakes – just keep them off human beings? Can we Bangaloreans think of saving its few surviving lakes, our lifeline?

(Pics: SH)