Nuclear energy: When the means are as alarming as the end itself

日本語: English: Fukushima I nuclear power plant ...

Fukushima I nuclear power plant before the 2011 explosion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dark days are ahead. A bright nuke future envisaged by the learned and the powerful, notwithstanding.

Looks like our policy-makers think those living in places like Koondankulam in Tamil Nadu, Jaitapur in Maharashtra do not know or, much less, understand what’s happening around the world. Continue reading

Do we need nuke energy in a sun-blessed India?

Solar settlement Frieburg, Germany. This town enjoys complete freedom from man-made energy. Individual homes, offices, and industrial units generate solar power on their own.

Looks like, at last, the West is waking up to impending nuclear disasters. Once reactors exploded one after another in the post-tsunami Japan, huge crowds came out with placards in Germany and told the government to “shut down” all the nuclear facilities at once.

Perhaps, it takes a tsunami to realise that nature can spike human efficiency at its absolute best with just a whim.

A life without nuclear energy may sound near-impossible right now. Yet, Germans can take heart, or indeed, be proud of the shining example they have set in their own backyard: Freiburg. Continue reading