The saga of sanitary waste-2: OF DONKEYS AND ONE WOMAN’S PERIODS


In the age of sanitary pads and other easier options, it’s difficult to fully comprehend the agony suffered by the women of older generations during periods. One can ascribe any number of religious and cultural significance to the taboos that pushed women into menstrual huts, it goes without saying that they were (still are, in many parts of India) subjected to unspeakable inconvenience, pain and humiliation.

India is a land of narratives. And the narratives built upon the “crimson flow” are many. Although menstruation is a natural, cyclical and biological occurring, the experience varies with each woman. Each one can tell a different story.

Here’s a moving account on a woman’s periods, her “ritual” dips and the donkeys (yes!) as seen from the eyes of a young, innocent boy. Although using cloth pads is now being looked at as sustainable menstruation as it does not leave behind non-biodegradable waste, I thought of including this post in the sanitary waste series for the simple reason that it offers a rare male perspective on a subject that even women hesitate to discuss openly.

Thanks to N JAYARAM for sharing this beautiful blogpost with you all. I am sure you will find yourself immersed in this short story just as I did.

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Waste management: How we did it at Sobha Althea & Azalea…

It took a lot of brainstorming, planning and a little bit of crisis management to put an efficient waste management system in place at our apartment in Bangalore. Almost two months since we kicked off this exercise, the collective efforts of some committed residents have only reaffirmed our faith in the fact that those who generate waste are capable of managing it at source.

Our housekeepers are busy doing secondary segregation of dry waste. It takes not more than 15 minutes every day to segregate dry waste into 5-6 further categories like plastic, paper, metal, etc.

Although new problems crop up every day and we are anything but perfect, we are proud because we took our civic consciousness to a new level and are not contributing to the garbage crisis dogging Bangalore.

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