Swachh Kolar: District admin does fantastic work; the city is now a waste-less, world-class model

It all began here at the city corporation office.

It all began here at the district administration office.

It’s hard to think of fitting opening lines for this story without littering them with adjectives. I am taking refuge in this hair-raising conversation from Interstellar to tell a tale of a tiny little spot on our own beloved Planet Earth.


Prof. Brand: There are so many reasons why our communications might not be getting through.

Murph: I know Professor. I’m not sure, what I’m more afraid of. Them never coming back or… coming back to find we’ve failed.

Prof. Brand: Then let’s succeed. So, back to the fourth iteration. Let’s run it through some new fields.

Murph: With respect Professor, we’ve tried that hundreds of times.

Prof. Brand: It only has to work once, Murph. Continue reading