Sobha Ruby Platinum gears up to walk the green path

Children's Day at Sobha Ruby Platinum located on Tumkur Road.

Children’s Day at Sobha Ruby Platinum located on Tumkur Road.

Little children questioning the human rights violations being heaped on Mandur by the people of Bengaluru, expressing solidarity towards the aggrieved lot and taking a pledge to lead a life free from landfills isn’t something we get to see during a children’s day event. But this is exactly what happened today at Sobha Ruby Platinum, a cluster of high-rises located on Tumkur Road. Continue reading

How Bengaluru can contribute to rural agriculture just by segregating

A couple of days ago, I met a campaigner for sustainable agriculture working for a global organisation that fights climate change, among other issues. She revealed a strange and depressing phenomenon unspooling in rural areas: farmland lying famished due to loss of biomass (the total mass of living matter within a given unit of environmental area or plant material, vegetation, or agricultural waste used as a fuel or energy source). Continue reading

Swachh Bharath: Please do not sweep the issue under the carpet

sweepbaby“I am scared of these ‘porake’s.” They are not going to solve the problem. Instead, this opportunity should have been used to create awareness on segregation because all this mixed waste is going to end up in Mandur.”

This is what senior activist N S Ramakanth of Solid Waste Management Round Table said in a panel discussion aired by a Kannada TV channel this evening as a prelude to the Swachh Bharath campaign to be kicked off on Gandhi Jayanthi tomorrow. Continue reading

GOING ORGANIC-5: Choosing the right composting method for your community

Housekeepers sieving the compost prepared from kitchen waste.

Housekeepers sieving the compost prepared from kitchen waste.

There’s reams of data on the internet on various composting methods written quite beautifully by green enthusiasts worldwide. However, after wading my way through this maze of information and sending distress calls and emails to compost experts I have been in touch with, this is where it stood: It’s all theory until you do it yourself. The reason: Case studies offering crucial information on how to go about it at a community level, particularly in India, which can help you evolve contextually are few and far between. Continue reading

GOING ORGANIC-4: Just compost it, dammit!

A series of articles based on my personal experience of turning our manicured garden, used to synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, into completely organic with the help of like-minded enthusiastic volunteers.

Kitchen waste composting in progress.

Kitchen waste composting in progress.

Isn’t everything that rots beautiful?

If this thought makes you cringe, then that’s probably the first hurdle you need to cross. Because when it comes to composting, there is more to unlearn than to learn. Continue reading

Mandur landfill crisis revisits: Luxury of peacetime over, let’s stop being deliberately callous

The reality in Mandur. (Pic: The Hindu)

The reality in Mandur. (Pic: The Hindu)

Recently, I made an early-morning trip to some nurseries around Lalbagh with a friend to buy plants for our apartment garden. By forenoon, we had done most of our work but couldn’t resist the desire to step into yet another large nursery studded with beautiful succulents. As we went around enjoying the fragrance of those green little beauties, especially gardenias, the nursery staff got busy loading the green ‘waste’ into a BBMP vehicle. Some 4-5 workers went on feeding the truck for at least an hour.

When we asked, they said it was headed to Mandur landfill. Continue reading

Waste management: How we did it at Sobha Althea & Azalea…

It took a lot of brainstorming, planning and a little bit of crisis management to put an efficient waste management system in place at our apartment in Bangalore. Almost two months since we kicked off this exercise, the collective efforts of some committed residents have only reaffirmed our faith in the fact that those who generate waste are capable of managing it at source.

Our housekeepers are busy doing secondary segregation of dry waste. It takes not more than 15 minutes every day to segregate dry waste into 5-6 further categories like plastic, paper, metal, etc.

Although new problems crop up every day and we are anything but perfect, we are proud because we took our civic consciousness to a new level and are not contributing to the garbage crisis dogging Bangalore.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how we went about achieving waste management at Sobha Althea & Azalea, Bangalore. Continue reading