Farmer Papamma and the seeds of unlimited possibilities

Forty years of organic farming means not just gaining expertise in this field. It means one has turned it into a profession of hope. Notwithstanding the rough-and-tumble of every waking hour. The endless stream of work. The never-ending learning curves. The back-breaking manual labour under the scorching sun and the searing cold. The constant pressure (if I can say that) of tending to your farm to prevent it from withering. You put yourself through all the rough and tumble, weather all the weather patterns gracefully. Because you believe in what you are doing.

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Dalit woman spawns organic farming revolution in Kolar village


Papamma from D Kurubarahalli, Kolar.

No words can describe how evolved Papamma’s communion with nature is. A futuristic thinker who battled threat to food security and has been a guiding light for hundreds of her villagers.

Far from being browbeaten by poverty, illiteracy and caste bias, this Dalit woman living in D Kurubarahalli in Mulbagal taluk of Kolar district has spawned a green revolution by changing the mindsets of many of her villagers who were reluctant to dig the earth and sow a seed. Continue reading