Vegetarian? Call yourself “eco-warrior”!

Despite my eco-sensibilities, I am not sure if my carbon footprint is so low that I can brag about it. Until I opt for public transport regularly, stop using the geyser for heating water, and grow my own food, I will remain a major source of carbon emission on the face of this earth. That’s for sure.

However, a tiny bit of news that I came across recently pepped me up in good measure.

That being a vegetarian in itself is good enough to claim you are an eco-warrior. Reportedly, a vegetarian needs 20 times less land to feed oneself compared with a non-vegetarian. The world needs to rear 65 billion animals to feed 6.5 billion of people (now, 7 billion!). The cost: 80% of all corn and 40% of the world’s foodgrains. For all this, we all know the sheer amount of pesticides, fertilisers, energy, refrigeration, land, water, and transport needed. And subsequently, the level of pollution the earth eventually suffers!

Shall I say, way to go?

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