Female foeticide in India-VI: A virtual Holocaust

Inside Asia's largest slum, Mumbai - India

By calculating the number of extra women who would have been in China or India if these countries had the same ratio of women to men as obtained in areas of the world in which they receive similar care, noted economist Amartya Sen calculated that in India alone there were 37 million ‘missing women’ already in 1986 when he did the first estimation.

“Using the same Sub-Saharan standard, China had 44 million missing women, and it was evident that for the world as a whole, the magnitude of shortfall easily exceeded 100 million.”

Economists Klasen and Wink have noted that this number of missing women was larger than all the people who died during the combined famines in the 20th century and the death toll of World Wars I and II combined.

According to World Bank, in demographic terms, 100 million missing women represented 70 per cent of the current female population in the US.

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