2b1b campaign: Rahul Dravid finds managing waste quite easy

Rahul Dravid

Throughout his career, the former cricket captain of India was known as “The Wall” because of his ability to weather the bowlers’ onslaught by launching a marathon that would finally wear his opponents down.

Similarly, he knows that resolving Bangalore’s garbage crisis is a marathon, not a sprint. It needs a kit fitted with two bins and one bag. He says: “With this, I find managing waste is quite easy…”

About ‘2b1b’: It means “two bins, one bag”. Green bin is for compostable kitchen/wet waste, red bin is for bio-medical/sanitary waste and the bag is for recyclables like paper, plastic, metal and glass which have to be handed over to pourakarmikas.

Rahul adds: “Groups like SWMRT and KMB have been helping Bengalureans in various localities segregate waste at source and manage it responsibly.”

Rahul Dravid

To order 2b1b online, click here.

One thought on “2b1b campaign: Rahul Dravid finds managing waste quite easy

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