Adopt 2b1b, segregate at home, says Dr B Jayashree

Dr B Jayashree

Dr B Jayashree with two bins and one bag.

Being a versatile personality that lends dignity to any role she plays, any song she hums and any movie she acts in, Dr B Jayashree has been donning the role of an eco-campaigner to save Bengaluru from going to the brink. And that, as one can imagine, she does with aplomb.

“Adopt ‘Two Bin, One Bag’ method. Segregate your waste at home,” she says as she holds up the bag fitted with two bins with her characteristic smile and grace.

For the last two years, Jayashree has been doing her bit in her locality to drive home the message on the importance of segregation despite her super-packed schedule. Thoroughly impressed by the 2b1b campaign launched by citizen groups Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) and Kasamuktha Bellandur (KMB), Jayashree felt that buying it and implementing a three-way segregation has become much easier with this initiative.

To order 2b1b online, click here.

(Source: SWMRT & KMB).

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