Soil Recipe-3: This egg extract can boost your plant growth


Soil Recipes is a useful how-to-do-it manual on soil nutrition and maintenance authored by Goa-based organic farmer ISA ALVARES and published by The Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI). Endlessly Green is happy to republish these recipes.

The recipes, as the author says, have been “vetted and verified by experienced organic farmers” belonging to OFAI. They not only “enable the soil to re-stock its populations of beneficial soil microbes”, but also help “control disease…”

This solution was originally conceived by Ms. Veeriachinnammal of Theni district (TN) as medicine for asthma.




Cut and squeeze the lemons into a bucket.


Empty the juice in a plastic/ glass or mud jar and place the eggs inside it in such a way that all the eggs are well immersed inside the lime solution. Never use metal container.


Close the jar with an airtight lid and keep it in the shade for about 10 days.


On the 10th day, the eggs along with the shells inside the solution would have become rubbery, like a rubber ball. Use your hands to mix the eggs (along with the shell) in the lime solution.


Take about 250 gms of jaggery and boil it in 1/2 litre of water. Once the jaggery dissolves, keep it aside and let it cool.


After thorough mixing, add this lime-egg solution to the jaggery solution and let it ferment for 10 more days.


For example, if there is 2 litres of lime egg solution, then add 2 litres of jaggery solution; if there is 3 litres of lime egg solution, add 3 litres of jaggery solution and so on.


About 10 to 50 ml of the formulation can be diluted in 10 litres of water and sprayed. The concentration varies according to the growth of the crop. Start with normal concentration (10 ml in 10 litres to be sprayed and increase the concentration up to 50 ml in 10 litres when the plant growth enhances (more tillering, branching, etc).

This formulation can be sprayed for any crops such as paddy, wheat, banana, vegetables, greens and fruit trees. It is important that the spraying be done either in the morning or late evening.


This solution is a great nutrient for the plants and will boost plant growth.

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3 thoughts on “Soil Recipe-3: This egg extract can boost your plant growth

  1. Sir,once we prepare how many days we kept this solution. Tell fish extract also. Sir it is good for black papper plants.Your website is very useful for as . Reply please.


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