Do you want 90% freedom from landfill? Here’s a model

There are two ways to look at the landfill crisis in Bangalore (or any other city for that matter). Deal with it in the most sustainable manner possible (within the available means) at a personal level. Or, join in the chorus of the multitude which does not want to participate in this change but is ready to pursue erratic paths to pointless ends.

My own community—Sobha Althea-Azalea located in Yelahanka—was a model that ToI celebrated as one of the 15 ideas to emulate in its 2014, August 15th edition. The community participated in this activity every day and did its best to ensure very little was sent out for landfilling mainly because it was hazardous, non-recyclable waste. This achievement was captured by the Bengaluru Needs You team led by Prof. Rajeev Gowda as a replicable solution to the garbage issue in a burgeoning Bangalore.

I hope you will watch this documentary and take up solid waste management in your own home/ community if you still haven’t, yet. If you need any help to set up a self-sustainable SWM model, please send an email to

One thought on “Do you want 90% freedom from landfill? Here’s a model

  1. I have wondered about it innumerable times, just why fast food centers serve their food in disposable boxes for people eating right on their tables. There was indeed a time when they did serve some of the food items in reusable plastic plates and some others in disposable wraps or things like that for customers’ convenience. A roll wrapped in paper for example. But it seems now, that they have completely switched over to disposable boxes and still care to ask, ‘having here or takeaway’? Just so that you can decide to pass the boxes on a tray or in a carry bag? Companies like Taco Bell and McDonald’s can invest huge…like really huge amounts of money on advertisements, promotion, fully automated machinery and what-nots, but they fail miserably on finding a feasible solution on reducing their dependencies on disposables? Believe it or not, I live in Germany which is one of the top-notch countries to have reached high level proficiency in managing their waste, but it still depresses me to enter a fast food centers here where every damn tangible item to serve things is a disposable item.


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