Rethink and redraft SWM byelaws-2019, SWMRT tells BBMP

SWM byelaws are expected to be specific and pragmatic with an intention to implement laws or policies that enable the regulating authority to perform its duty without any ambiguity. However, the SWM byelaws drafted by BBMP recently are far from that.

In this regard, we, the members of Solid Waste Management Round Table, Bengaluru, are sharing some key observations publicly as feedback to the BBMP’s SWM byelaws so that the public is informed, takes note and responds appropriately to BBMP for a better, environmentally sustainable and economically feasible plan for the city.

  • Observation 1: No intention to implement zero waste
  • Observation 2: Lopsided economics and unfair protection
  • Observation 3: Back to the old monopoly contract system
  • Observation 4: No focus on in-situ or ward-level processing of waste or justification for dilution of the duties of the bulk generators to carry out in-situ operations.
  • Observation 5: No public disclosure and lack of consultative process

The following press notes, both in English and Kannada, have been circulated to the media houses. Please share them widely and prevail upon BBMP to rethink and redraft the byelaws.

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For Kannada version of this press note, please click the following link:

SWMRT feedback on BBMP bye Laws-oct 2019-Kannada1


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