Soil Recipe-5: Fungal diseases? This coconut-buttermilk solution can pack a powerful punch!

The secret of this Soil Recipe lies in the simplicity of its ingredients. When prepared to perfection, this recipe containing coconut, buttermilk, turmeric, asafoetida and fruit rejects can help your plants develop resistance against fungal diseases. Plants grow healthy and begin to flower profusely. Try this recipe and share it among your friends. It does take a little effort to save our own living environment from being poisoned by pesticides. But it will all be worth it.

Soil Recipes is a useful how-to-do-it manual on soil nutrition and maintenance authored by Goa-based organic farmer ISA ALVARES and published by The Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI). Endlessly Green is happy to republish these recipes.

The recipes, as the author says, have been “vetted and verified by experienced organic farmers” belonging to OFAI. They not only “enable the soil to re-stock its populations of beneficial soil microbes”, but also help “control disease…” The following recipe is being republished verbatim from Soil Recipes authored by Goa-based organic farmer Isa Alvares and published by The Organic Farming Association of India.




5 litres of buttermilk, one litre of tender coconut water, one-two coconuts, asafoetida powder 10-20 gms, turmeric powder 100 gms, and 500 ml to one litre juice from waste fruit (or 500 gm to one kg waste fruit, if extracting juice is not easy).






Mix the buttermilk, tender coconut, turmeric powder and asafoetida powder.





Grate the coconuts, add to the mixture and let it soak. Or, mix grated coconut and fruit (if not in juice form).






Put the mixture in a nylon mesh and tie it.

Immerse it in the buttermilk solution. This solution ferments well in seven days.




The contents of the nylon bag could be reused a few times in subsequent solutions by adding a small quantity of grated coconut every time.






Mix 10 litres of water with 1/2 to one litre solution and spray. This can also be used in irrigation at the rate of 5-10 litres per acre.





It helps enhance plant growth, repel insects and increase resistance to fungal diseases. Also, it enhances flowering in plants. This solution has the same growth enhancing potential as that of any other chemicals.

If you have queries, please write to: Soil Vasu (P Srinivas Vasu), or

11 thoughts on “Soil Recipe-5: Fungal diseases? This coconut-buttermilk solution can pack a powerful punch!

  1. I am from Bangalore and love your writings. By “buttermilk ” do you mean I have to remove the fat from the curds …or can I just churn the curds and add water?

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  2. I have a soil fungus problem and am going to use your recipe. What is the waste fruit. And with the coconut you don’t use the juice just the grated fleshy part. Thank you

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  3. Hello Savita madam,
    This was a very informative article. I have a small garden on my terrace/ balcony. I grow vegetables and flowers. At present I am using panchagavya purchased online. Before using, I read about soil application- it was mentioned that we should use 1 litre in 10 litres of water and I did the same. Is it ok at such concentration for soil application? I used it today- will it harm the plants in my pots?
    Regarding ‘ waste’ fruits- can use banana peels? I be making this recipe shortly.


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